How to fix the “Unlock Selling Functionality” error on Open sea

Are you gettings the “Unlock Selling Functionality” error on opensea?

Here’s the full error message “Unlock Selling Functionality please switch your wallet’s RPC to the polygon network” on opensea.

The functionality error is shown on “open sea” when you donot polygons network.

To fix it you need to change the network to a polygon on “opensea wallet”.

Go to “opensea website” log in with metamask then tap on the “metamask extension icon”.

After that add “polygon network” to metamask wallet.

You can also fix the error if you’re using “opensea app”.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix the “unlock selling functionality” error on opensea, how to switch wallet RPC to polygon network in opensea, and why you getting unlock selling functionality error on opensea.

How to unlock selling functionality for polygon network

Open sea Show this “functionality error” when your network is not selected as a polygon.

To fix the error you need to first select the network polygon to sell the “opensea nft”.

If you have already added the “polygon network” in your opensea wallet then tap on opensea wallet or open opensea app and set the network as a polygon.

If you do not add the polygon network yet to your “opensea wallet” then tap on the wallet icon.

After that tap on “settings” and go to the network of opensea wallet.

Next tap on add network and add the polygon network to “opensea wallet”.

Here’s step by step on how to add polygon network to opensea wallet:

  1. Open “opensea wallet”
  2. Go to “settings”
  3. Tap on a “network”
  4. Add a new network

1. Open “opensea wallet”

Unlock Selling Functionality

Go to the browser navigate the opensea wallet and tap on it.

If you’re using opensea app then open the opensea wallet app.

Once the “opensea wallet” is open then tap on the profile icon on the top left side of the wallet.

In the mobile app, you will be seeing three icons on the left side top corner tap on it new window will be open with you.

2. Go to “settings”

Unlock Selling Functionality

After you tap on the “profile icon” a new window will be open with you in open sea wallet.

Where you will be seeing “Create Account”, “Import Account”, “Connect Hardware wallet” etc…

Here scroll to the bottom and tap on “settings”.

If you’re using a mobile phone tap on the menu icon find the settings in a new window and tap on it.

3. Tap on a network

Unlock Selling Functionality

After you tap on “settings” you will land on this page.

where you will be seeing all settings of opensea wallet “General”, “Contacts”, “Security & Privacy” etc…

Scroll to the bottom and find “Network” and tap on it.

On mobile, it’s also the same once you tap on “settings” then scroll to the bottom and you will find the Network button then tap on it.

4. Add a new network

Unlock Selling Functionality

After you tap on “network” you will be seeing all the “opensea wallet” networks.

Tap on add network where you will be redirected to opensea wallet settings and there you need to add a new polygon network.

Network Name: Polygon


Chain ID: 137

Currency Symbol: ETH

After you put the data into the form then tap on the Save button.

Follow the same step in opensea mobile app.

Once you add the polygon network in “opensea wallet” next tap on again on the wallet and change the network to the polygon and the error will be fixed.


The “unlock selling functionality” error is caused when you’re not select the polygon network.

To fix it you need to add a polygon network to “opensea wallet”.

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