How To Skip People On Omegle

Do you want to Skip People on Omegle?

Omegle is an online chatting platform where strangers chat with each other.

Omegle is working on IP addresses they get your IP address and you will be connected through your IP Address with other strangers.

Sometimes stupid strangers or nude come on Omegle.

To “Skip People” on Omegle you need to click on the skip button at the bottom of the chat.

In this guide, you will learn how to skip people on Omegle, in video chat, and in-text chat.

  1. Open Omegle website
  2. Start chatting on Omegle
  3. Click on the Skip button

1. Open the Omegle website

Skip People On Omegle

The First thing is to Go to your favorite browser and search for Omegle or by clicking here.

After the Omegle app is open with you next you need to start the chat with a stranger.

2. Starting Chatting on Omegle

Skip People On Omegle

There are two types of chat in the Omegle app one is Text and the other one is Video.

To start “Text chat” on Omegle click on the Text button at the bottom.

For “video chat” First add your interests on the Omegle and then click on the Video button at the bottom.

3. Click on the Skip button

Skip People On Omegle

After you started chatting with Stranger on Omegle this type of window will be open with you.

Here you will be seeing two types of buttons one is “New chat” at the top of the screen in the Omegle app.

And one is “New Esc” at the bottom of the Omegle app.

Both buttons work the same and when you click on the button you will be connected to a new stranger.

To Skip on Omegle click on the New Esc button and you will be connected with new Strangers.


Sometimes weird strangers come on Omegle.

To Skip this type of person on Omegle Click on the New Esc button and the person will be skipped on Omegle.

Alternatively, you can also Skip on Omegle by Clicking on the New chat button on the top.

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