7 Ways to Save Facebook Reels Video In Gallery

download facebook reels video

In early 2022 “Facebook introduces” new features where you can share short videos like TikTok with the name of facebook reels.

Sometimes we want to download videos from Facebook reels but there is no option to download Facebook reels video.

To “download the Facebook reels video” you need to use another app or website because there is no direct option to download the Facebook reels video.

In this guide, you will learn, how to “download and save the Facebook reels video to the gallery”.

How to “Downloads Facebook reels” video without any app

To save the “Facebook reels video” tap on three icons in Facebook reels then copy the link of the video.

Next, go to this website fddown.net website or click here.

And tap on the download button and your video will be downloaded to you’re gallery.

Here’s how to “Save Facebook reels video” to the gallery:

  1. Open “Facebook app”
  2. Tap on “reels”
  3. Tap on “Share icon”
  4. Go to this website fdown
  5. Tap on “download”

1. Open “Facebook app”

Downloads Facebook reels

The is feature is available in the new update the first thing to do is to update the Facebook app if you’re not updated yet.

To “Update the Facebook app” go to the play store app and search for a Facebook tap on it and update the app.

Once you Update the app then “Navigate the Facebook app” on mobile and open it.

2. Tap on “reels”

Downloads Facebook reels 2

After you “open Facebook” then next tap on three icons in the top right corner.

Here you will be seeing all the Facebook menu i.e “Pages”, “Group’s”, “Events” etc…

At the Top, you will be seeing a new option with the name of reels tap on it.

If the reels option is not available in you’re Facebook app then you need to update the Facebook app after that comeback and the “reels option” will be available for you.

3. Tap on “Share icon”

Downloads Facebook reels 3

After you tap on “reels” the facebook reels window will be open with you where you can watch short videos.

To download the short video tap on the share icon where a new pop-up will be open with you where you will be seeing “Share video”, “copy the link”.

Tap on the copy the link then close the window and open any browser.

Alternatively, you can also tap on “three icons” and copy the link to the video.

4. Go to “fddown”

Downloads Facebook reels 4

After you “Copy the link” of Facebook reels video then next to download this video.

To do so, Go to any of you’re favorite browsers and search for fddown.net or by clicking here.

Once you’re on the FDDOWN website then past the copy link of the Facebook reels video.

And tap on the download button and you’re download will be started and the “Facebook reels video will be saved to gallery”.


There is no direct Option to “download facebook reels video”.

To download facebook reels video you will need to use any other alternative website or mobile app.

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