How to play solo vs squad in apex legends mobile

Do you want to play solo vs squad apex legends mobile?

Playing Apex Mobile with friends is a lot of fun since they share the different game modes in a group and they will be able to show all the players in the region a good level of play.

Currently, many content creators and influencers of the Apex Mobile Mobile have used a mechanic to show their excellent level of play in an individual way, in which they play against all the complete teams by themselves from the Battle Royale.

Some may wonder how is this possible?

In this guide, you will learn how you can play alone vs squad in Apex Mobile for you to bring out all your skills in the game.

How can I play solo or squad in Apex Legends Mobile?

To play “solo vs squad” in the apex game tap on the Battle royale button.

You can find the Battle Royale button before the play button on the main menu of apex mobile.

After you tap on the “Battle Royale button” all the maps of apex mobile will be shown, from there you can select the map to play it.

Once you select the map then scroll to the bottom, and you will be seeing an icon with a group of three people.

Tap on the icon to play a solo game or squad game in apex mobile.

Here’s Step by Step on how to “play solo vs squad in apex legends mobile”:

Step 1: Open Apex Legends Mobile

play solo vs squad in apex legends mobile

The First thing to do is to Navigate the “apex mobile game” on your devices and open it.

Once you Open the apex game you will land on the main page of apex mobile.

Step 2: Tap on “Battle Royal”

play solo vs squad in apex legends mobile

After you Open “apex mobile” you will be seeing all the main menus of apex mobile.

At the bottom all the different buttons “Settings”, “Rank”, “Legends” etc…

Here tap on the “Battle Royal” button next to the loadout button where you select different maps of apex legends mobile.

play solo vs squad in apex legends mobile

After you tap on the “Battle Royal” button this type of window will be open with you where you can select different maps of apex mobile.

Here first select the map that you want to play.

To do so, Tap on the map and next tap on Confirm button at the bottom to select it.

At the bottom, you will be seeing three options one is “FPP”, “TPP” and the icon of a group of three people.

Here tap on the icon and here you can select that do you want to play the game solo or squad in apex mobile.

In Some countries, this feature is not added yet to apex mobile, Update the apex game every time when a new update comes.

When you select to play the game solo or squad then tap on the confirmed button and start the game.


To “Play Solo Vs Squad” Game in apex Legends mobile You need to tap on the maps section button.

Once You tap on the maps button next tap on the group icon at the bottom and change to solo to play on apex legends mobile.

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