How To Permanently Delete your Chegg Account (2022)

Delete Chegg account permanently
How to Delete Chegg account permanently

Chegg is a dedicated platform for online education, but it works like a freelancing website too.

There are thousands of online tutors who work remotely for Chegg and “get paid” for answering your questions.

With “Chegg”, you can even get textbooks for rental, and buy used books for a low price.

But To “Buy Chegg Services” first you will be registering yourself and make account on Chegg.

Once you Subscription time is complete then According to chegg policy you will be charged automatically.

If you want to not “charged” again you can cancel the subscription on chegg.

If you want to “Delete the Chegg account permanently” there is no Option to delete the account directly.

In This article, You will learn, How to “Delete Chegg account Permanently” on Chegg Website.

How to “Delete Chegg account” Permanently.

First things first: Are you looking to cancel a subscription or delete your Chegg account entirely?

“Cancelling your subscription” allows you to continue using your account for for Chegg’s free services, like Writing Tools and Flashcards, as well as for ordering textbooks.

Also, cancelling lets you re-activate your subscription at any time.

Deleting your information will remove your personal information from the Chegg site.

All of the information in My Account will be deleted, and you’ll need to start a whole new account if you decide to use Chegg services again.

If you make Chegg account and now want to “Delete the account”.

There is no any direct option to “Delete Account”.

To Delete Chegg Account Go to Chegg website or App and Log into it.

Next Tap on this form or by Clicking Here.

Enter your First name, last name, email that you buy Chegg Subscription and Tap on Data deletion request.

After that Tap on Submit Button and You will be received confirmation email from chegg conform the email and your “Chegg account will be completely delete permanently”.

Here Step by Step How to “Delete Chegg account permanently”.

  1. Log in to your “Chegg account”
  2. Go to “Chegg Deletion form”.
  3. Fill the “Deletion form”.
  4. Tap on “Submit”.
  5. Go to “email and confirm it”.

1. Log in to your “Chegg account”

How to delete chegg account permanently.

To log in to your chegg account tap on log in button and log in with those account that you buy “chegg subscription”.

Once you “Log in” to the Chegg website then Go to chegg deletion page or by click Here.

2. Go to “Chegg Deletion Form”

How to delete chegg account permanently.

After you Go to “Chegg Deleting page” Scroll down and Tap on this form.

When you tap on this form you will be land on this form.

Here you will be seeing simple form which asked “first name”, “last name”, “email that you make chegg account”, and “reason why delete the account”.

3. Fill the “Deletion form”

Once you open “This from” then fill the form.

Write your first and last name same as your chegg account first name, and last name.

Then Enter your those “email that your chegg account is created”.

Next Tap on Data deletion request.

4. Submit “the form”

Once you go to “this form” which is for chegg deletion account.

And “Fill the form” for deleting chegg account.

Once you fill the form then Tap on submit Button in the bottom.

5. Go to “email and confirm it”

How to delete chegg account permanently.

After you tap on “submit button” you will be see this type of message.

Which will be says “one more step your identity needs to be confirmed”.

To confirmed your identity you need to cheak your “email address”.

How to delete chegg account permanently.

In email you will be received this type of confirmation email.

If you not received your email then you put wrong email address in form.

Tap on Confirm Email.

How to delete chegg account permanently.

After you tap on “Confirm email” you will be land on this which says your request is confirmed.

It takes 2 to 3 business day After that you will be received new email which says that your chegg account is permanently delete.

And your data is remvode from our data base.


There is no direct way to “Delete Chegg account permanently”.

To Delete your account on chegg permanently you need to fill the chegg deletion form.

Once you fill the form you will received a confirmation email.

confirm the email and your account will be deleted permanently and your data will be remvode form data base.

If you’re lost or something is not working, please read and follow the steps in the guide carefully again.

I’ve tested this multiple times its perfectly working.

As most of you are visual learners, I’ve added screenshots (with captions) to help you to better follow through.

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