How To Make a WhatsApp Call on a Single Person Or a group of friends

how to make a call on WhatsApp

Millions of people use WhatsApp for calling around the world. Because WhatsApp uses data for messages and voice calls. it means you can easily use it even if you are traveling internationally. for that WhatsApp is the most popular among international travelers. Because they rely on WhatsApp to avoid getting international data packages.

For WhatsApp call you will need a Wi-Fi connection. But if you have no Wi-Fi connection you will need to purchase a data plane on your mobile. its means you will not be able to WhatsApp call whit out an internet connection.

Here you will learn How to Make a WhatsApp Call to a Single Person Or a group of friends.

How To Make a WhatsApp Call on a Single Person

Step 1: – Open WhatsApp and go to the chat section and select the person that you want to call. if you have not spoken to him before so you have to do one conversation.

Step 2: – Click on the call icon in the right corner of the conversation screen, WhatsApp automatically dials the user number, if he replies to you then you will be connected on call.

How To Make Group Call on WhatsApp

In WhatsApp group call some limitations. You can add 8 participants including yourself.

Step 1: – Open your WhatsApp and call someone, follow the same steps outlined above.

Step 2:- After coming into the call section, click on the call button at the bottom of your WhatsApp screen and tap on the new group call.

Step 3: – After your contacts list appears, choose 7 that person that you want to add to the call and then click Add.

In WhatsApp, it’s possible that someone invites you to that group call that you’ve previously blocked.

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