How to download Netflix movies and shows on Mobile and Tablet

Netflix comes at the top of video streaming services in the world.

On the internet video streaming is easy but sometimes you need to watch shows on Netflix without the internet.

If you are going to remote areas or flying on a plane you will not able to watch Netflix videos due to internet signals. For this you might want to save something on your mobile or tablet for offline playback.

Netflix movies and shows download only on smartphones and tablets, on computers and television you can’t download them.

In this article, I will teach you in detail How to download movies and shows from Netflix.

How to download movies and shows from Netflix.

1: On your mobile or tablet open the Netflix app and search your favorite movie or show you want to download on your device, and then tap it to open its details page.

2: Tap the download button, which is the downward pointing arrow. once download, an icon will appear next to the move you’ve chosen. if it’s a show, each episode will have its own download button.

How to watch movies and shows you’ve downloaded on the Netflix app

When you download movies and shows on your mobile or tablet device. you can easily access to watch it without doing anything special.

If your internet connection not working and you can’t watch the online movies or shows, go to downloads at the bottom of the screen click on it you will see all downloaded TV shows and movies.

How to delete downloaded movies and shows from Netflix

When you downloaded some movies or shows and watch them. eventually, you will need to remove them and download some new movies or shows. it’s a very simple way to do this.

To delete a title, simply swipe left and tap the red X icon.

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