How to Fix FIFA 23 Anti Cheat Error

How to fix FIFA 23 Anti Cheat Error

This article will tell you how to fix FIFA 23 Anti Cheat Error. After the release of FIFA 23, this game gives an error as “EA anti-cheat service encountered an error”.

FIFA 23 is a football simulation video game published by Electronic Arts. It is the 30th and final installment in the FIFA series that is developed by EA Sports.


Before moving toward the solution, make sure that you have closed Steam, FIFA 23, EA, and other origin applications. Also, close the EA from hidden icons by clicking on show hidden applications on the taskbar. Then right-click on EA and click exit. This will close all the background operations of EA applications.

Following are some easy solutions to fix FIFA 23 Anti Cheat Error:

  1. Delete and Reinstall EA Anti Cheater
  2. Run FIFA 23 and its Launcher applications as an Administrator
  3. Uninstall Anti-Cheater Applications other than EA Anti Cheater

Solution 01: Delete and Reinstall EA Anti Cheater:

To do so, follow these steps:

01: Double-click on This PC.

02: Open Local Disk (C).

03: Click on Program Files and open the EA folder.

04: Click on the AC folder.

05: Open EAAntiCheat.Installer.exe.

06: Click on the drop-down menu and select FIFA 23.07: The uninstall button is available because EA Anti Cheater is already installed. So, click on Uninstall button.

how to fix FIFA 23 Anti cheat error

08: After uninstall, the Install button will be available. Click on the Install button to reinstall the EA Anti Cheater.

This will solve the problem and FIFA 23 will no longer give an error of Anti Cheat Service. If the problem still exists, then follow Solution 02.

Solution 02: Run FIFA 23 and its Launcher applications as an Administrator:

01: Right-click on FIFA 23 and click on Properties.

02: Click on Compatibility.

03: Check the Run this program as an administrator.

FIFA 23 EA anti cheat service error

04: Click Apply and then OK.

Now, apply these Settings to Launcher Applications. If you are using any launcher to play FIFA 23, such as EA, Steam, or Origin, set all of them to Run as an Administrator.

Now, launch FIFA 23 and check whether the problem gets solved or not. If not, then follow Solution 3.

Solution 03: Uninstall Anti Cheater Applications other than EA Anti Cheater:

01: Go to Control Panel.

01: Click on Uninstall a Program under Programs.

03: Now uninstall all the other anti-cheat applications such as Faceit Anti Cheat, Riot Vanguard, etc.

04: Restart your computer after deleting other Anti-cheat applications.

This will solve the problem. Now you can enjoy playing FIFA 23 without any errors.


I have provided 3 easy solutions to fix FIFA 23 Anti Cheat Error. Following the steps will help you to launch FIFA 23 easily on your PC without any errors. Hope so you will enjoy it.

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