How to Fix Failed to Fetch Errors on OpenSea

Failed to Fetch Errors on OpenSea

Are you gettings “The failed to fetch error” on Opensea?

The “Failed to Fetch error occurred” because of the old version of the MetaMask and server.

To fix this error you need to update the MetaMask wallet and then Server.

In this guide, you will learn why you getting the “Failed to Fetch Error” on OpenSea and how to fix it.

Method: 01 Update your MetaMask wallet on chrome

How to Fix Failed to Fetch Errors on OpenSea

As we said before to fix this “Failed to fetch error on OpenSea” you need to Update the MetaMask wallet.

To Update the MetaMask wallet in chrome go to the top right side corner of your browser and click on the “extension” icon.

After you click on the extension icon all the extensions will show that installs on your browser.

Search for the “MetaMask Wallet” extension and click on the three-dot icon next to the extension and then select manage extensions.

After that, the MetaMask wallet extension settings will be open with you.

There click on the update button at the top of the settings page and update the MetaMask wallet extensions in the browser.

Method: 02 Update your MetaMask wallet on your Android phone

How to Fix Failed to Fetch Errors on OpenSea

If your android user then you need to update the android version of the MetaMask wallet.

To do so, First, open the play store and then click on the search icon and search for “MetaMask”.

If a new version of the wallet is available then it will show the update option click on it and update the MetaMask to the latest version.

Once you update the MetaMask wallet the error will be fixed and you are good to go.

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