How to completely uninstall Android Studio from Windows 10/11

To Completely Remove Android Studio from Windows follows the step:

sometimes we install the wrong version of  Android studio after installing it will not work when we want to update new version then it shows the error again and say that android studio is already installed How we can remove completely the android studio from our computer and install new version or old version of android studio follow every step that shows below in the article if you were missing any one of the steps then its will be not working and the android studio will be not completely removed. If you want to remove completely android studio then follow the step.

Step 1: Run the Android Studio uninstaller

The first step is to run the uninstaller. Open the Control Panel and under Programs, select Uninstall a Program. After that, click on “Android Studio” and press Uninstall. If you have multiple versions, uninstall them as well.

Step 2: Remove the Android Studio files

To delete any remains of Android Studio setting files, in File Explorer, go to your user folder (%USERPROFILE%), and delete .android.AndroidStudio and any analogous directories with versions on the end, i.e. .AndroidStudio1.2, as well as .gradle and .m2 if they exist.

Step 3: Remove the APPDATA files

Then go to %APPDATA% and delete the JetBrains directory.

How to remove the android studio from the computer follow the step.
Finally, go to C:\Program Files and delete the Android directory.

Step 3: Remove SDK

To delete any remains of the SDK, go to %LOCALAPPDATA% and delete the Android directory.

Step 4: Delete Android Studio projects

Android Studio creates projects in a folder %USERPROFILE%\AndroidStudioProjects, which you may want to delete.

and delete this folder 📂  enjoy!

the android studio is completely removed from your computer  

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