How to Fix ChatGPT Too Many Redirects Error

How to Fix ChatGPT too many redirects error

Did you try to open ChatGPT and it gives you an error of too many redirects?

ChatGPT is a large language model chatbot developed by OpenAI based on GPT-3.5.

Sometimes, when you try to visit ChatGPT at and it gives you an error that says “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS”. So, in this article, I will guide you on how to fix this error.


The solutions to fix ChatGPT Too Many Redirects Error is:

  1. Clear OpenAI’s Cookies
  2. Open ChatGPT in Incognito Mode
  3. Use a VPN
  4. Change IP Address and DNS Server
  5. Try ChatGPT in any other browser

Solution 01: Clear OpenAI’s Cookies:

Clearing the cookies of OpenAI will help you to solve this issue. To clear the cookies, follow these steps:

01: Go to the Settings of the browser by clicking on the menu in the upper right corner.

02: Click on “Cookies and other sites data” to expand.

03: Scroll down and click on “See all site data and permissions”.

how to clear ChatGPT Cookies

04: In the search box, type “openai” and press Enter.

05: Delete the cookies by clicking on the Delete icon.

how to fix chatgpt isn't working error

06: A new prompt will appear, click on “Clear” to clear all the OpenAI Cookies.

07: You will get signed out on ChatGPT, visit ChatGPT, and sign into your account.

In this way, you can fix the ChatGPT too many redirects error. If the problem still exists, then follow Solution 02.

Solution 02: Open ChatGPT in Incognito Mode:

Sometimes opening ChatGPT in Incognito Mode solve this error. Some users on Reddit report that they fix the issue by opening ChatGPT in Incognito Mode.

To open ChatGPT in Incognito Mode, follow these steps:

01: Search for “ChatGPT” in your browser.

02: Right-click on the ChatGPT link and click on “Open link in incognito mode”.

how to fix chatgpt error

03: Sign into your account and enjoy using ChatGPT.

This solution will fix ChatGPT too many redirects error. If the error still exists, then follow Solution 03.

Solution 03: Use a VPN:

This issue can be regional. So, we will use a VPN to visit ChatGPT. You can use the extension of the VPN that you have installed from the “Chrome Web Store”. Or you can use the VPN Desktop App. Connect the VPN and reload the ChatGPT.

This will fix this issue of ChatGPT. And if you are still getting this error, then follow Solution 04.

Solution 04: Change IP Address and DNS Server:

Changing the IP Address and DNS Server will fix this error. To do so, follow these steps:

01: Run Command Prompt as administrator by searching cmd, right-clicking on Command Prompt, and selecting “Run as Administrator”.

02: In Command Prompt, type “ipconfig/release” and press Enter.

03: Then type “ipconfig/renew”, and press Enter.

04: Now type “ipconfig/flushdns”, and press Enter.

05: Close the Command Prompt and open Control Panel.

06: Go to “Network and Internet”.

07: Click on “Network and Sharing Center”.

08: Click on the Network Name that you are using.

09: A new window will appear, click on “Properties”.

10: A new window will appear, select by clicking on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and click on “Properties”.

how to change Ip and DNS

11: Check the “Use the following DNS server Addresses” and enter “” in “Preferred DNS Server” and “” in “Alternate DNS Server

Customized DNS

12: Click Ok.

Close the command prompt and open ChatGPT again and your problem will be solved. If the error still appears then follow Solution 05.

Solution 05: Try ChatGPT in any other browser:

If you are using Chrome, then change the browser to Firefox or Opera. Whichever browser you are using, change it to any other and then retry visiting ChatGPT.

This will fix the ChatGPT too many redirects error.


I have provided 5 easy solutions to fix ChatGPT’s Too Many Redirects Error. Follow the steps to enjoy chatting with AI. I hope these solutions will solve your error😊.

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