How to change server/country on ome tv

How to connect with other people in ome tv

Are you bored of Connect with your own country people on ome Tv? 

If you want connect with different country people on ome tv then you’re in right place.

Open the ome tv app or go to Ome tv website.

log in with your facebook I’d or Vk account.

Click on the button country all it same in both website and mobile app.

After you’ve Clicked on “Change country” that you want to connect.

However this option not working everytime “to change country and server” ome tv. 

if this not working for you need to follow the guide below.

In this guide, you’ll learn How to Change Country on Ome Tv and Connect with Different server.

  • How to connect/change  server on ome tv
  • How to change country on ome tv 

How to connect/change server on ome tv

To connect change server on ome tv you will be using vpn app on mobile and chrome extension for ome tv website.

For mobile download and install Potato Vpn from play store.

If you’re using ome tv app on website then download the “chrome extension vpn” Veepn.

After downloading the vpn and install it connect the vpn with any random server.

Then go to the website and refresh the page and for app reopen the app.

Select any country that you want to connect with it and it work perfectly.

Here’s how to connect/change server on ome tv

1.Install Potato vpn go to playstore and search for Potato vpn.

how to connect with other country people on ome tv
how to connect with other country people on ome tv

You can also used any other Vpn if you want but I this Vpn Personally it works for me.

After downloading and installing open it.


Click on the main screen button to connect this Vpn.

if you want to “change ther server” on Vpn  click on the below button the fastest serve and select yours own choice server.

After that go to your Ome tv app open it and select the country that you want to communicate with it.

How to find other country people on ome tv

You’ve successfully Connect with country people.

Now, you’ll be able to connect/change to other server or country on ometv.

can we connect with other country people on ome tv

How to change /Connect to other server on ometv website.

if you’re used ometv on website then you will be follow some other “trick to change/connect other server” on ometv.

Before to start the chatting on ometv website.

Go to chrome browser or any other browser that you’re using currently.

In browser search for Veepn or Click here to install this Vpn.

Veepn is Chrome extension Vpn it works same like potato vpn work in mobile.

Click on add to chrome button and add the extension to you’re chrome.

After installation open new tap.

click on extension Icon in browser and Pin the vpn to the browser.

tap on veepn Icon and connect the vpn.

after connect the vpn refresh the ometv website.

And connect with any country or server that you want to chat with it for free on ometv.

Here is how you can do this

1.Go to chrome extension and search for Veepn and click add to chrome to install.

how to change country ometv and connect with other country people click on extension Icon and pin the VeePN to the browser

3.Go to the ometv website refresh the page and then click on the vpn icon and connect it.

how to get only girl one ometv | how to connect only wih girl on ome tv

Ome tv is your best bet. It gives you the freedom to talk to just about anyone you want and disconnect with the person according to your convenience. 

It is important to note that Ome tv does not save the chat logs. 

This is the default function. If you want to save the chat logs, you can enable that by sharing your conversations on Facebook.

when you used ome tv app it will be connect you with your own country people and because of IP address.


You can “change/connect to other server on ometv” by following the above methods.This guide is the best way to change country and server on ometv website and mobile app.

It’s currently working as of Jan 2022, so make sure that you take advantage of it before ometv decides to “fix” it.

If you’re lost or something is not working, please read and follow the steps in the guide carefully again.

I’ve tested this multiple times  perfectly.

As most of you are visual learners, I’ve added screenshots (with captions) to help you to better follow through.

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