How to cancel Chegg Study Subscription

how to cancel study subscriptions
do you want to delete chegg account

Do you Buy Chegg Subscription and now you want to cancel it!

Do you want to “Cancel Chegg Subscription” then next time you will be not charged.

If you Buy Subscription on Chegg and Not cancel the subscription before his renewal Data you will be automatically charged.

According to Chegg policy you will be charged when the Due data is comes directly if you want or not.

This is because once you add payment method to Chegg you cant’s remove the “card” from Chegg Payment.

In This article, you will learn, How to “Cancel Chegg Study Pack Subscription” On Chegg.

How to cancel Chegg Study Subscription

To cancel Chegg Study Subscription, you need to open Chegg Account on App or Chegg Website.

Once you open the Chegg website/App Then Tap on the Log in and “log in with email that you buy Chegg Subscription” to you’re Chegg account.

Then Tap on “Profiles Icon” and Go to my account.

In “my account” find my order and tap on it.

In “my order” Tap on Under Subscriptions, scroll to Chegg Study Pack and click Cancel subscription or by click here.

Here are Step by Step solution to “Cancel Chegg Study Subscription”

  1. Open Chegg Website/App.
  2. Log into your Chegg account on the website/app.
  3. Click on your “profile” in the top right corner.
  4. Select “My Account”.
  5. Tap on “Orders”
  6. Scroll to “Chegg Study Pack”.
  7. Click on “Cancel subscription”.
  8. Click on ‘Unsubscribe anyway’.
  9. Provide a reason for cancelling.

1. Open Chegg Website/App

How to cancel Chegg study subscription.

Open Chegg website by searching in browser or By click here.

If you’re using Chegg on mobile Navigate Chegg in mobile and open it.

2. Log into to the “Chegg” website or App

How to cancel Chegg study subscription.

Once you Enter “Chegg website/App” you will be land on the man “page of Chegg”.

Next Tap on “Log in” Button and Log in with those account that you Buy Chegg Subscription.

Once you “Log into Chegg” you will be see Different options like “post question”, “Plagiarism & grammar checker”, “Study Tool”, etc..

3. Click on your “profile” in the top right corner.

How to cancel chegg study subscription.

Once you “Log into Chegg Account” Then you will be land on this page.

Here you can manage the hole Chegg account like “like ask question”, “change email/password”, etc..

Tap on the Profile icon in the Top right corner where new pop up will be open with you

4. Tap on “my Account”


After you tap on “Profile Icon” new Pop up will be open with you.

where you will be seeing ‘My account’, ‘Return books’, ‘Sell books’, ‘help’, etc..

Tap on My account to “Cancel the Subscription on Chegg”.

5. Tap on “Orders”

How to cancel chegg study subscription.

After You Tap on “My Account” you will come to this page.

Here you can Change password/email, “buy Subscription”, “cancel Subscription”, “add Payment method”, “buy Textbook” etc..

You can “mange you’re Chegg subscription” Here.

Tap on Orders where you will be see all the “Subscription that you Buy on Chegg”.

6. Scroll to “Chegg Study Pack”.

How do i cancel chegg stuyd subscription permanently.

After you tap on “Orders” you will be see all the order that you buy from Chegg.

Below in ‘Order’ Tap on All order You will be see you’re Currently Active Subscription with Chegg.

Tap on “Subscription Dialog” Where new window will be open with you Where you can cancel Subscription of Chegg.

To “Cancel Chegg Subscription” Tap on cancel subscription button below “Chegg Study”.

After you Tap on “Cancel Chegg Study Subscription” You’re Subscription will be cancel for life time from Chegg website.

Once you Click new pop up will be show Tap on “cancel any way” then after that provides reason why you want to cancel Chegg study subscription.


To “Cancel Chegg Study Subscription” you need to go my account and tap on cancel subscription.

According to “Chegg Policy” if you are not Cancel the study Subscription it will be renowned automatically after Due date.

If you’re subscription time is remaining and you canceled chegg study subscription you can access the account to the due date time.

After Due Data you can’t be access the premium account of “Chegg” if you cancel monthly subscription.

If you’re lost or something is not working, please read and follow the steps in the guide carefully again.

I’ve tested this multiple times its perfectly working.

As most of you are visual learners, I’ve added screenshots (with captions) to help you to better follow through.

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