How to Fix “40302” Error code in World War 3

How to Fix "40302" Error code in World War 3

Are you getting the “Error code: 40302” on World War 3?

Here is the full error message “Change name. user Not Authorized [The Token is invalid. Error Code. 40302]”.

World War 3 Beta is released on 29 September and the game is entirely free.

As result, it attracts a lot of players which causes the Server Issue.

The Game is available on Steam and the World war 3 website here.

In this guide, you will learn why you getting this “Error code: 40302” in World War 3 and how to fix it.

Why I’m getting the “40302” Error code on World War 3

How to Fix "40302" Error code in World War 3

You’re gettings the 40302 error on world war 3 because of the Server issue.

The World War 3 Game is Free and that’s why it attracted a lot of new players which causes this Server issue.

Here are some of the users reporting the error on Reddit:

Stuck on loading map and then this error appears

Error Accessing Files – Can’t download the game.”

“Hello WW3, your game is really cool but I’ve some problems (40302 ) (151 something went wrong). Can you help me ?”.

How to Fix the World war 3 “Error code: 40302”

How to Fix "40302" Error code in World War 3

The First solution is to Restart your pc and launch the game via the launcher and not steam.

If you’re Playing the game on Steam change to the World war 3 Launcher.

The “Next Method” is to run the Steam as administrator some user fix the issue with this.

As we said above that the game is new and lot of new players is come to the party, you need to check weather the Server is working or not.

If The server is down then you need to wait for 24 to 48 hour.

You can check the World war 3 Server status in Here.

The Last method that working for lot of user is to uninstall and reinstall it the game again.

Most of the time this type error is show becuase of the corrupted file in the game by uninstalling the game will be fix the issue.

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